Our Vision

We like ourselves to be the answer for global warming by reducing the carbon emission of all known sources. Our product helps to reduce the carbon footprint and make the world a better place for the generations to follow.

Our Value Proposition

With Adgreencoat’s 87% reflectivity, it prevents thermal storage in your outer coating layer. This drastically improves the indoor environment and provides countless benefits, such as a significant reduction of your energy costs.

Our Mission

ADGRRENCOAT GCC wants to have a significant contribution in KSA 2030 vision and in the whole region. We will work to make it the most energy sustainable in the world. We will achieve it by educating the merits of the innovative coating technology thereby achieving greater profitability and on the same time contribute to a better environment.


Eco Friendly
We take our environmental responsibility very seriously. Therefore, when developing Adgreencoat, we made sure it is inorganic, water-soluble, non-hazardous and non-toxic.
Safe & Smart
Adgreencoat prides itself to be non-toxic and nonhazardous for both the environment and for whoever applies it. It’s also very easy to apply and due to the even distribution of particles, the product works very efficiently.
Energy Saving
With no less than 87% reflectivity Adgreencoat is one of the best reflective coating available on the market. Due to the unique heat releasing effect the internal temperature is reduced substantially. Consequently air-conditioners can operate at lower levels, saving energy costs.
Admafine the active ingredient in Adgreencoat has a unique and uniform shape & size. This gives a smooth outer surface resulting in zero water log ensuring longer life for the coating.
Green & Eco Marks
Adgreencoat’s unique environmental friendly features have not gone unnoticed, we received several green marks and eco marksti Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) and the prestigious Eco Award 2006, among others.
Economic benefits
Using Adgreencoat, you will drastically reduce your energy consumption and simultaneously save up to 40% on your electricity costs. All of this and no compromise on the quality.

Case Studies

Reduces CO and Environmentally friendly.
Reflecting 87% of the solar radiation.
Excellent ROI – low application cost and high durability.
DURABLE – more than 90% effectiveness 10 years after application.
Lower cooling costs, by protecting against the heat from outside.

“ We chose Adgreencoat for our facility due to the unique nano technology which allows us to save energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and contributes to a healthier environment “


“ The key focus of the re-paint project is to reduce the heat in the void of the structure while updating the look due to wear from sand. After reviewing several insulation solutions we found “Adgreencoat” as the most successful and economical. “


“ Adgreencoat has after extensive testing proven us that this will bring us more than 20% reduction on our AC consumption, after installing a cool roof with Adgreencoat ”