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We like ourselves to be the answer for global warming by reducing the carbon emission of all known sources. Our product helps to reduce the carbon footprint and make the world a better place for the generations to follow.

Adgreencoat gcc wants to have a significant contribution in KSA 2030 vision and in the whole region. We aim to make this region the most energy sustainable region in the world. We will achieve it by educating the merits of the innovative coating technology thereby achieving greater profitability and on the same time contribute to a better environment.

Adgreencoat is a globally patented coating system that saves energy costs and simultaneously works eco-friendly by reducing CO2 -output.
Admafine is the unique and patented ingredient in Adgreencoat, which has many functions such as high heat conductivity, low thermal expansion, and enhanced heat resistance. It is also used worldwide to eliminate heat accumulation in precision apparatus, electronic devices and semi-conductors.

Over 60% of the sun-heat enters your building through the roof. This means your cooling equipment has to work hard and adds significantly to your energy bill. Fortunately, Adgreencoat offers a simple solution. Adgreencoat is the most effective and durable solar reflective coating on the market and can easily be applied to your roof. Adgreencoat reflects 87% of the sun-heat. Applying Adgreencoat will keep your building significantly cooler, so your cooling equipment has to work less hard. You will already start saving on energy costs and reducing your carbon footprint the day after application is finished!

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