“ Adgreencoat has after extensive testing proven us that this will bring us more than 20% reduction on our AC consumption, after installing a cool roof with Adgreencoat ”

Roof surface temperature


63,4 C



Return on investment

2 years and 3 months

KWH reduction

12272 Kwh/year

Jumeirah has a clear vision to become the industry leader, our ability to create value for our stakeholders is crucial for the sustainable growth of our company. We can only achieve this by earning the support and respect of our colleagues, our customers, our business owners and partners, our suppliers and our communities at large. We have also focused on our carbon footprint and are looking at ways to measure the environmental impact of our operations. In this way we can specify an increasingly ecological approach to the building of new hotels and resorts whenever we talk to owners and investors.
At Jumeirah Oasis village the installation of a ‘cool roof’ with Adgreencoat is completed, this is the first step in the group to make Jumeirah buildings more energy efficient with this kind of solutions. The results show this will help contribute in bringing down the carbon footprint.