“ We chose Adgreencoat for our facility due to the unique nano technology which allows us to save energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and contributes to a healthier environment “

Roof surface temperature


60,0 C



Return on investment

2 years and 6 months

KWH reduction

173140 Kwh/year

Danzas is a joint venture between the Al Tayer Group and Danzas AEI (DHL), the world’s largest freight forwarding and logistics company. Established in 1989 and based in the Middle East’s freight exchanging hub, Dubai, the operation provides today a one-source responsibility for the diverse transportation and logistics needs of a continually growing list of customers As spelled out in the DHL group strategy for 2015 “Living Responsibility”, Go Green is one of the main goals. A key element in achieving this goal is bringing down the carbon emissions of the Danzas buildings. All the major assets are temperature controlled so that customers are sure the quality of their goods is guaranteed and our workers have the best ergonomics in their working environment.

With the extreme hot climate in Dubai Adgreencoat will significantly contribute to the reduction of carbon emissions and bringing down cooling costs.